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Auto and Health Insurance Fraud You Have to Watch For

Auto and Health Insurance Fraud You Have to Watch For

Facing insurance frauds is a challenging work for every insurance agency in Florida. So we will share with you some common scams in claiming automobile and health insurance that you have to be careful for:

  • Health Insurance Fraud
    Health care is a multi-billion dollar industry, which is why scammers are doing anything they can to get into this business. The two common insurance frauds are member fraud and provider fraud. The former is done by using someone’s identity or not declaring important information. On the other hand, the latter refers to billing a service that was never rendered or charged more than expected.
  • Auto Insurance Fraud
    One type of automobile insurance frauds is the staged rear-end car accidents. This happens when a driver suddenly stops in front of a car on purpose, so the other car will rear-end them. Providers of general liability insurance in Tampa, Florida know what to do when a scammer purposely inflicts damage to a car to get more money. You should take photos of the damage whenever this happens to you.

If you need more information about insurance frauds, feel free to get in touch with our professionals at All Insurance Florida. We also offer reliable insurance services in Tampa, Florida. We are here to make insurance easy and hassle-free.

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