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Category Archives: Insurance Fraud

Protecting Yourself from Insurance Fraud

The insurance industry is growing, and according to reports, it loses hundreds of millions in dollars to fraud each year. Insurance fraud happens when a party (company, consumer, adjuster, or agent) commits intentional deception to get unwarranted claims. All Insurance Florida has you covered on how you can protect yourself from fraud before getting a … Continue reading

Most Common Insurance Frauds

In 2016, the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud found that 61 percent of the surveyed respondents thought that fraudulence in the insurance industry has increased. It is estimated that the insurance industry loses more than $30 billion every year to casualty/property fraud alone. This does not include false claims in health care or auto insurance. Insurance … Continue reading

Auto and Health Insurance Fraud You Have to Watch For

Facing insurance frauds is a challenging work for every¬†insurance agency in Florida. So we will share with you some common scams in claiming automobile and health insurance that you have to be careful for: Health Insurance Fraud Health care is a multi-billion dollar industry, which is why scammers are doing anything they can to get … Continue reading

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