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Travel Insurance: What It Does for You During Hurricanes

Travel Insurance What It Does for You During Hurricanes

Traveling can be fun. However, it will be a different matter if you are traveling and a hurricane comes. Not only will it increase the chances of your flight getting canceled or delayed, it will also be dangerous for you. There are just too many risks that come with traveling during hurricane season.

  1. That’s why you need a travel insurance.

    If you don’t want to suffer from the setbacks that hurricanes bring to your travel plans, you should prepare for it by getting a travel insurance. Of course, you have to make sure that the insurance services in Tampa, Florida you chose covers hurricanes. When choosing, be sure that you understand what are those refunds you can get automatically from your travel provider.

    Without a travel insurance, you may end up losing the value of your ticket when the said natural disaster strikes. If you already have booked a ticket yet the airport is closed because of the typhoon, the travel insurance will make sure that you can still get the full value of your ticket.

  2. The Coverage

    With the travel insurance, you’ll be covered in various aspects. When there is a hurricane, the travel insurance should cover the following:

    • Delayed flights/travel
    • Trip interruptions
    • Trip cancellations

    Of course, the travel insurance provided by your chosen insurance agency in Tampa Florida will only cover these when the reason for them is a hurricane.

  3. Limitations of Coverage

    The travel insurance can be a powerful tool when used well. Thus, if you want to maximize what you can get out of your policy, be aware of what limitations it has. For example, most of the travel insurance nowadays will require that one’s policy should be bought before the actual hurricane comes. If the hurricane is already named and then that’s the only time you decide to buy a travel insurance, the said policy will not cover you for that currently named hurricane. Typically, you should already have the travel insurance in your hands two to three weeks before the hurricane is named.

  4. Additional Coverage to Have

    Most of the time, you are given the option to add more coverage to your travel insurance. It would be good for you to have the following on top of the basic coverage:

    • Reimbursement of reasonable expenses accrued due to travel delays caused by hurricanes
    • Non-medical evacuations when you are in danger due to the hurricane
    • Reimbursement for unused prepaid expenses

Quality insurance services in Florida should be beneficial to you. All Insurance Florida can help provide you with a free quote or answer questions you may have about travel insurance. Discuss the details with our representative at 813-969-2400.

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