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Hurricane Irma damaged or destroyed 50,000 vessels with approximately $500 million in recreational boat damage, while Hurricane Harvey inflicted a damage toll of $155 million on a toll on about 13,500 boats. These numbers neared that of 2012’s Hurricane Sandy, which remains the single-largest industry loss with more than 65,000 boats damaged and more than $650 million in estimated losses.

Based on boat insurance claims Travelers received from 2014 through 2017one-third of all claims. Wind and mechanical breakdown are the second and third most common causes of loss, respectively. The costliest types of claims are due to fires, boats sinking and lightning strikes.

“Perhaps the most reassuring takeaway from this data is that many of the top causes of damage are largely preventable,”

All Insurance Florida recommends the following:

Be familiar with your boat’s navigation and safety equipment.
Navigate within marked channels to avoid running aground or hitting submerged objects near the shoreline.
Stay alert when approaching objects such as mooring fields, navigational buoys and marine traps set in the water. Be aware that after a storm, high tides may have carried debris into the water.
And if a storm is approaching, if at all possible, haul out your vessel and remove objects that could become airborne.

“No matter how many years of experience you have, it’s always good to brush up on the latest boating rules and technology to help you stay safe,”

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