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What to Know About a Flood Insurance Policy

What to Know About a Flood Insurance Policy

In life, people need some sort of protection. Insurance policies can offer protection in various kinds. For instance, a business owner needs general liability insurance in Tampa, Florida, in case something happens at work.

One of the not so common insurance policies is flood insurance. Many people tend to ignore getting this type of insurance. But this can prove useful in the event of a flood.

The Types of Coverage

An insurance agency in Florida may offer two different types of coverage. The first one is the building coverage, which protects permanently installed features such as carpeting, cabinets, and appliances. It also protects plumbing and electrical systems, foundation walls, and water tanks, among others.

The second type is the contents coverage, which protects personal belongings, washers, dryers, and curtains. It also includes window-type air conditioning units and even valuable items such as artwork.

What is Not Part of a Flood Insurance Coverage?

Flood insurance policies cover damages directly resulting from flooding. For instance, if the flood leads to a sewer backup, it is part of the coverage. To help you determine which items your current flood insurance covers, be sure to talk to your insurance agent.

All Insurance Florida offers a variety of insurance plans for your protection. When you need insurance services in Tampa, Florida, call us.

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