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What Does Your Homeowners Insurance Policy Cover?


Homeowners insurance is a must if you want to ensure protection in your home.

Your insurance agency in Florida can protect your home against risks of fire, earthquake, storm, and other catastrophes; pay for any loss or damage of the personal items inside your home; and help you financially in the event of legal liability claims arising from your property ownership. Moreover, this may actually be a requirement by your mortgage company if you’re still paying for it.

That said, not all homeowners’ policies will cover you the same way. The inclusions will still depend on your needs and priorities and, of course, whether they are available for you.

As your trusted general liability insurance in Tampa, Florida, offering this very insurance ourselves at All Insurance Florida, let us help you decide which to include in your plan with the following list:

  • Personal property coverage includes your personal belongings that are stolen and/or damaged.
  • Personal liability coverage includes the fees for when you accidentally injure someone or damage their property.
  • Guest medical protection includes the medical protection you need to pay for when a visitor is injured at your home.
  • Dwelling coverage includes repairs in and around the house.
  • Other structures coverage includes repairs and replacement for detached structures off your property.

Additional living expenses include covering the temporary living costs you would incur when you can’t stay at home due to any covered claim such as fires and floods and other catastrophes.

We know choosing the coverage right for your situation can be complicated. Don’t hesitate to ask for our help! We have been serving insurance services in Tampa, Florida, since 1982, making insurance easy, simple, and hassle-free. Reach us today.

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