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The Importance of Landlord Insurance


What is landlord insurance and why is it important?  All Insurance Florida, a well-established and trusted general liability insurance in Tampa, Florida, we list reasons why this type of insurance is important. Like any form of insurance, it is a safety net. A contingency plan for when unexpected things happen. There is a leak from the shower which causes damage to the interior wall, home insurance.

In most cases, tenants will respect your investment property, and ensure the rent is paid on time every time. You may realize now that the real estate industry is not always a good one. If you haven’t experienced any issues, it may mean that you are just lucky. It is always good to have a plan in place for rare occasions when things do not go according to your plan. Our Insurance Agency in Florida can help. The most common features of landlord insurance are to cover intentional damage that may happen in the property caused by the tenants or their visitors, cover the rent in events where the tenant does not pay, covering any theft, and also any applicable legal fees which you could encounter if either you or your occupiers decide to take legal action over damage to the house. 

To all landlords out there who want to avail of this type of insurance and have peace of mind knowing that their property is in good hands, let us know. To know the range of our Insurance Services in Tampa, Florida, call us. 

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