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Common Types of Car Insurance Frauds to Watch Out For

Common Types of Car Insurance Frauds to Watch Out For

Being knowledgeable about the car insurance you availed from your trustworthy insurance agency in Florida is a given. However, you should study further on vehicle insurances if you want to get the most out of it and avoid receiving sanctions for unintentionally participating in insurance fraud.

Here are the common types of car insurance fraud that you should keep an eye on:

  • Vehicle dumping
    Otherwise known as “owner give-up,” this type of fraud can occur when the vehicle owner leaves or disposes of the insured vehicle somewhere and then filing a claim saying that it was stolen.
  • Faulty airbag replacement
    This type of insurance fraud is done by car mechanics. This is when they don’t replace or simply salvage your airbags after an accident.
  • Faulty windshield replacement
    If you ever had a “repair specialist” come over to you to tell you that your car windshield needs repair, that they can do it for you, and that the cost will be covered by your provider of insurance services in Tampa, Florida, then you may have encountered a faulty windshield replacement. If you fall victim to this, you’ll end up driving your premium up.

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