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Protecting Your Business and Yourself

Accidents happen, no matter how much care and caution you put in your business operations. Protecting your business does not only pertain to ensuring that safety protocols are in place, but you should also be able to protect yourself from accident claims that happened during business hours. Therefore, it is imperative that as a business … Continue reading

Auto and Health Insurance Fraud You Have to Watch For

Facing insurance frauds is a challenging work for every insurance agency in Florida. So we will share with you some common scams in claiming automobile and health insurance that you have to be careful for: Health Insurance Fraud Health care is a multi-billion dollar industry, which is why scammers are doing anything they can to get … Continue reading

Saving Money on Your Auto Insurance

We all drive for many reasons such as for fun, for work, or for running errands. It is something that many of us need to do on a daily basis. However, not only do we need to pay for a vehicle to drive but also insurance to use that vehicle on public roads. Depending on … Continue reading

3 Key Reasons Why Do We Need Insurance

Buying insurance isn’t like buying a house or an expensive car. When you buy items you want to purchase, you immediately see a tangible result. Even paying for a service is more tangible than paying for your insurance. Investing in insurance is just like buying a promise. For example, after paying for your insurance in … Continue reading

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