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Travel Insurance: What It Does for You During Hurricanes

Traveling can be fun. However, it will be a different matter if you are traveling and a hurricane comes. Not only will it increase the chances of your flight getting canceled or delayed, it will also be dangerous for you. There are just too many risks that come with traveling during hurricane season. That’s why … Continue reading

Hurricane Preparedness

Important Tropical Weather Reminder: With a storm brewing in the Gulf of Mexico, we want to remind you of some helpful resources listed below to keep in mind as you make the necessary preparations for your agency and policyholders. At this time, no binding restrictions have been issued. Resources: • National Hurricane Center • … Continue reading

Your Health; Flu Vaccine

The flu has struck every state in the continental United States this season and has been labeled an epidemic, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). There have already been more than 35 pediatric deaths associated with the flu, with three of those deaths occurring right here in Florida. While the … Continue reading

New Drivers

Thankfully, you can guide your teen to ensure their driving experience is as safe as possible with these helpful tips: Follow the speed limit. I know, it’s an obvious one. But when you go too fast, you have less time to stop or react. Speeding is one of the leading causes of teenage accidents. Another … Continue reading

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